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Following the enthusiasm generated last week with our first ‘virtual Jewish Journey’, we have drawn up some plans for a series of events to be held in the next few weeks. Moving a little beyond the immediate topic of Jews and Plagues, our idea is to focus on our core subject, namely how we connect places with the central questions of Jewish life.

With that in mind, the series is titled ‘The Jewish Grand Tour: Why travel should become the Jewish practice of our age, where should be go and what should we talk about when we get there?

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[Strasbourg- Metz – Colmar – Verdun]

7th – 11th May 2020




A literary, musical, artistic, cinematic …

Jewish Journey

10th – 14th September 2020



Warsaw-Lodz (repeat)

15th – 19th October 2020









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2019: June VIENNA September GEORGIA

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