Welcome to Jewish Journeys. Over the past 10 years we have travelled to Morocco, Ukraine, Moldova, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Russia, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Jordan and the UK.

We promise you incredible Jewish stories, powerful issues of identity, history and human conflict and memories of some extraordinary visual images. It is no coincidence that most of our Journeyers return for a second Journey and more (many more for some).

Our Journeys are true to the best principles of informal and experiential education: there are no lectures, but much discussion; our texts go far beyond the traditional and are not limited to the written word, but also include music, film, food, wine and art.

We are inclusive; we take care of each other. We hear from people who have recently lost a partner that they are travelling with us as they know that our Journeys are a good, warm place to be. A journey can be both a great place to celebrate an anniversary or a special birthday and a place to say Kaddish.

We will surprise you with places that you might not have considered ‘Jewish’ sites. We push the boundaries around the core question of what constitutes Jewish Travel. Our destinations are many and varied. We do both fixed departures and tailor made  Journeys. So, join us in Marrakech, Vilnius, Krakow, Paris, Berlin, Padua, Sarajevo, London, St Petersburg … in fact join us wherever there was Jewish story!

Upcoming Journeys

Strasbourg-Metz-Verdun 7th-11th June 2023

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